Commercial Office Cleaning Service

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We understand that business can be stressful and that’s where we can come handy with our flexible and versatile Office Cleaning Service. BDPOL Cleaning Service Ltd will not only help you maintain and create a healthy more clean environment, but also give you a positive atmosphere at work. As our customers you can rest assured that the office or workspace you live in will be pristine to the highest possible standard.


Empty waste bins; Dust and clean – Furnitures, Window ledges, Window sills, Fire extinguishers, Tops of pictures, Radiators, Doors, Door frames, Skirting boards, Light switches; Dust and clean desks and tables, Vacuum clean all soft furnishings and all carpet areas, Clean and polish any brass and chrome, Clean and disinfect all surfaces, Hoover the floor and wash it if necessary.

Kitchen areas:

Clean hob, Wipe outside cupboards, Clean inside/outside microwave, Clean outside fridge, Wipe outside of oven, Clean sink, Wipe washing machine

Toilets and bathroom areas:

Clean and disinfect – Sink,Toilets, Shower; Clean mirrors and glass, Wipe tiles, Replenish toilet rolls, Replace Hand soap and hand towels when necessary